First, we listen.Period!

-Second, we ask specific questions that pertain to the ideas we heard from you.

-Third we put on paper...sorry, that's so old skool! We put some ideas into our ProKitchen software and see what you think. All of our cabinet product catalogs are integrated into our software so you can see multiple lay-outs and multiple cabinet styles and finishes side by side of the exact cabinets you've picked!

-Next, we finalize your design after all of your input and ideas are compiled into the software and the final design, depending on your celebratory preference, is high-fived or shaken upon.

-Finally, once the design is set, we offer pricing that is truly a pleasant way to continue on to the next step which is ordering your quality cabinets for your beautiful kitchen to be installed.

Side note

Your cabinets are factory assembled and do not show up KD (knock down or flat packed in boxes). Your cabinets have a full 5 year manufacturer warranty on assembly and a limited life-time warranty by Aim High Kitchens and Cabinets.